Our Process

Design One utilizes a collaborative creative process. Our experienced team of creative and marketing communications specialists interacts with our clients throughout every step of the project – engaging in dialogue, asking questions and most importantly, listening to the answers. We have developed and defined a comprehensive process that leads to targeted, impactful and innovative design solutions that add another dimension to the expected. We call our process 4D.
  • Discover
    Phase I:
    Discover the Objectives
    This initial stage of our process begins with our “fact-finding” mission. We will discuss your preferences, target audience and specific objectives as well as your scheduling and project parameters. Design One will prepare a creative brief questionnaire to enable you to sharpen your focus and objectives and to ensure that what we produce is not only an outstanding creative solution, but is also strategically targeted.
  • Define
    Phase II:
    Define the Challenge
    Design One will evaluate the creative brief responses and review all pertinent information. We will communicate our findings to you; identifying what works well and what doesn’t. We will also discuss in detail the opportunities and key issues as they relate to the specific project. Upon the conclusion of the discussion, our team will collaborate internally to identify the strategies to be explored.
  • Design
    Phase III:
    Design the Solution
    Based upon the information gathered and agreed upon in the Discover and Define phases, Design One will develop and submit original concept solutions for the project. These concepts will be “big picture ideas” to establish the desired direction for the project, and they will demonstrate how your specific objectives have been met. Review of the concepts and feedback is integral to the success of the solution. Upon receiving the feedback, Design One will refine and finalize the selected solution and provide final mock-ups to you for review and approval.
  • Deliver
    Phase IV:
    Deliver the Results
    Design One will coordinate with our preferred partners to make sure all elements of the project can be completed as desired. Every element of the project will be reviewed and final production will be managed by Design One to ensure accurate results and delivery. Ultimately, the success of the completed project is determined by your satisfaction and by the solution’s success at achieving the project’s objectives.